Of Distractions and Deadlines…

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Eight days.

I have precisely that long to get my #PitchWars query written. Why not just use an existing query, you probably aren’t asking? Well, when I start a project–like submitting to a contest, for example–I like for everything to be shiny and new:

New batch of beta readers to take a look at the manuscript (or at least the beginning of it).

New round of editing to make sure everything’s as polished as I thought it was last time (there is always something else to edit; a phrase that suddenly bugs me, or a word that could be replaced with a better word…).

New synopsis.

New query.

Basically, I like “new”. I like to know that I’ve taken a fresh look at everything, and I still have faith in my manuscript. I like to know that. I need to know that I’m still in love with it. If I take a fresh look and find that some of the passion has died? I have to find out why and whether I can get that passion back, or the project is dead. If I’m not in love, how can I possibly expect anyone else to be?

I finished my latest editing pass a few days ago. Good news! I am still in love with my manuscript. I still adore the story, and the characters. It’s still a book I want to read. And that is probably the best feeling I ever have as a writer: that feeling where I read something I’ve written, and I realize that I genuinely do love reading it. Just as much as I’ve loved reading published novels by more established authors.


What else was I going to talk about here? Oh, right. So now we’re at the “distraction” part. I should be writing that query (and the synopsis, for that matter, just in case). It really is my top priority right now aside from that presentation I have Tuesday.

So what am I doing instead, then?

I’m writing a small collection of short stories (~4k word count each) and prepping them for submissions. Why? Honestly, I don’t know. It just seems like a thing I want to do, and now inexplicably seems like the best time to do it. I like short stories, after all, and a lot of my longer projects (including the piles and piles of half-finished NaNoWriMo projects from the past) started out as short stories. Some of them should probably turn back into short stories, because that’s the only way they’ll ever have a chance at seeing the light of day. And I’m working on a few other manuscripts because why not. I’ve got a nasty habit of starting projects as soon as the idea pops into my head, so I end up with like fifteen random bits of stories (not always starting at the beginning) all collected into a folder. It’s like hoarding, but with WIPs.


Maybe I’ll get back to that query after I finish the first short story…