Since I just discontinued the first edition of Songstruck, and therefore made it more difficult to see some of the reviews (unless people repost them to the new edition on Amazon, you would have to track down the first edition to find them), I’ve made a screenshot of some of them and placed them here. I’ll also add links or information about other reviews or press to this page. If you’ve reviewed Songstruck, contact me and I’ll add your review to the list!

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 10.55.53 AM

Goodreads Reviews (5-stars): “It had been a while since I’d read anything that vaguely resembled high fantasy, so I was a little sceptical as I began reading Songstruck. A couple of chapters in, I realised I really had nothing to worry about. The world presented in this novel is so rich and colourful that it’s next to impossible not to be drawn in – just as Isabel was the first time she heard the mysterious song in the forest. […]”