Songstruck Series

Songstruck is my debut novel, currently available for purchase (info on where to buy can be found here). The second book is in progress.

Songstruck follows the story of Isabel Poole, a teenaged girl from the town of Briarwood. Briarwood, as a rule, is a terribly dull place to live–full of rules and regulations that Isabel has no desire to follow. The rule she most delights in breaking? A taboo against all things fanciful: magic, myth, and things supernatural. Isabel spends her days spinning fantastical stories about magical creatures, and has most of the town’s children as her eager audience. Her stories are so intricate, so realistic, that many of her listeners are very nearly convinced that she has actually seen goblins, danced with fairies, and stumbled upon ogres’ lairs. They almost believe that her stories are true.

Isabel supposes that she’s just a very good storyteller. A pair of fae twins–Alastor and Ilena–reveal otherwise. Isabel has a seed of magic in her, the remnant of a magical gift bestowed on some ancestor or other. More to the point, they have a use for that magic.

In the first book, Songstruck, Isabel finds herself lured by an enchanting, otherworldly melody into the magical world of Illusia–a fairyland on a plane that intersects ever-so-slightly with her own. She joins Alastor and Ilena in their effort to bring an end to the war that has been raging in Illusia for half a decade (more info found at Songstruck (Book 1))


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