THE PATH (1981 words, Fantasy)

Stay on the path.

It was the only advice anyone ever gave Mira, and the only advice that mattered. Everyone knew that staying on the path was the only way to make it through the forest safely. The fair folk who lurked among the gnarled trees did not make it easy; they worked tirelessly to entice even the most wary travelers. The twinkling fairy lights and the tempting, ethereal music that often drifted through the otherwise-stale air of the forest had lured countless souls off of the path. Mira knew of no one who had escaped the fair folk’s grasp once they had strayed.

Stay on the path.

The phrase was a constant refrain in Mira’s mind as she stared at the beaten-down dirt. The moon was full and bright overhead, casting the half-dead trees in a luminous haze. It was risky, traveling through the forest at night; the fae were more mischievous and more attentive to the few lonely travelers who walked the path after sunset. But her mother was ill and the medicine woman lived in the heart of the forest. The gossips claimed she was half-fae herself, and Mira believed them.

[for the rest of the story, head over to (link above)]


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