MIRELLA* (1978 words, Fantasy)

Porcelain skin, auburn hair, glittering emerald eyes…without a doubt, Mirella was the most beautiful girl in the town of Velada—assuming that the accounts that I’ve heard about her aren’t wildly exaggerated—but she was also an absolute mystery. No one knew where she came from; one day she simply appeared in the main square.

After her arrival, Mirella walked silently among the merchant’s stalls, looking at the trinkets and goods for sale. Her movements were somehow disjointed, as though she wasn’t entirely comfortable in her own skin. She wore an expression of vague interest, though she didn’t stay at any one stall for more than a few moments before wandering to another. Curious, but wary, the townspeople drew nearer to the mysterious new girl in their midst. They tried to speak to her, to understand who she was and where she came from, but they quickly learned that she didn’t speak a word of their language.

Everyone was baffled. The girl spoke—she wasn’t mute—but no one was able to understand her words.

[for the rest of the story, head over to QuarterReads.com (link above)]

*Note: this story was originally written in Spanish, though it has only been published in its translated form.


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