Shadows & Smoke

SHADOWS & SMOKE is a NA/adult fantasy–the only manuscript in either of those ages categories I currently have in the works.

Sixteen-year-old Talia is the cousin of Lady Marienne of the sovereign territory of Khalle. She is also a Shadowmage–or a “Night Witch”, in less polite company. Shadows and darkness jump to do her bidding, and that makes her an excellent bargaining chip, as far as her regal cousin is concerned. After proving her rare talents to a prospective husband–and failing to scare him off in the process–Talia finds herself shipped off to the kingdom of Vancora to be wed to one of the king’s younger brothers–still a man easily twice her age–to seal a new political contract between Khalle and Vancora.

All Talia cares about is being left alone and keeping out of the kinds of treacherous “games” played at court. Unfortunately, members of the Vancoran royal court already have plans for her, and she’s involved whether she would like to be or not. Her new husband has his own schemes to attend to, and more troubling, so does his younger brother, the insufferably charming Lord Raoul. Tangled in a web of plots and counter-plots, Talia is forced to find her own footing in court fast, lest she be dragged around the as nothing more than a pawn in the political games everyone around her has spent years perfecting.



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