Of Piracy and “The Wars to Come”

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Did you watch Game of Thrones last night? Did you DVR it or are you planning to watch it later on whatever streaming service you’ve got? Are you one of the people who watched the first four leaked episodes early?

This is not the time to get on a soapbox about piracy, and I have no business condemning it. I had a long stretch of time where I had zero legitimate access to channels like HBO, Showtime, and BBC America and I had to find some way to watch GoT, Penny Dreadful, and Doctor Who. But what I can’t handle is watching leaked episodes like that. I mean, watching the first episode ahead of time? That would be right up my alley. But four? What do you guys do–you who’ve watched all of the leaked episodes–now? I mean, now you’ve got a solid month to wait for anything new. That would kill me. The wait between seasons is already terrible; being so close to new episodes and then having to wait again to see the rest of the season sounds unbearable.

Moving on from that, though, for those of you who watch the show, what are your thoughts about the season premiere? And I do mean just the season premiere–if you’ve watched all of the leaked episodes, I don’t want to hear about them! 😛 I thought it was a strong start, all things considered. The first episode always has the responsibility of catching the audience up on all the characters. There are so many storylines going on, not a whole lot can usually get done.

Game of Thrones did a surprisingly good job of not only catching us up, but advancing at least a few of the characters’ stories. We’ve got some weirdness with a fundamental religious sect in King’s Landing and Cersei trying to work out exactly how she can manage to keep hold of power–especially with Margaery getting awfully cozy with the newest king. Daenerys is having all kinds of trouble in Meereen, from pissed-off dragons to masked assassins and politics with Yunkai. Sansa is…well, okay, that story didn’t do a whole lot of moving, aside from her and Littlefinger getting rid of an annoyance.

I won’t go into much more detail with other storylines, just because instead of a full review I wanted to express some general enthusiasm over the season premiere. Also, if I keep trying to write out observations and such, I will almost certainly end up misspelling something.

Leave me your thoughts on the premiere, the series in general, or anything else! But since this post is about the show, please don’t be That Guy and post information from the book that the show hasn’t incorporated. It really is an asshole move to do that, and I will never understand why so many of the GoT book readers are so insistent on being dicks about spoilers. Just as a precaution, though, I do moderate comments here. And I’ve read most of the books, so I’m not as susceptible to spoilers, but it’s still irritating to read dozens of comments clearly intended to spoil elements of the story for those who want to enjoy the show and have not read the books.