Cover (redesign) Reveal!

Ladies and gentlemen–the moment you’ve been waiting for! Or not. But I’ve been waiting for it! 😉 Allow me to introduce the new cover of Songstruck, created by the incredible people over at Deranged Doctor Design!

3d on transparent SONGSTRUCK

I’ve got to say, I adore this. It’s a gorgeous cover, and yes, that is a “1” there on the cover. Stagestruck, the second installment, is coming. I’m committed to it now. 😛 The new edition of Songstruck isn’t available for purchase quite yet; it will be available by December 16. I’m working on finalizing and uploading the new files for both the ebook and paperback editions.


Songstruck Updates

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Hello, everyone!

Just to offer a small update, Songstruck is now available in most ebook formats through Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. So if you’re interested in purchasing the ebook, there should be an option for you, no matter what ereaders you use or what file formats you prefer!


*If you don’t tell me your preferred format, I’ll send you an ePub file.