Happy Halloween!



For the last few weeks, I’ve been bouncing between spending far too many hours at work and holing myself up in my apartment working on sketching out my outline for the sequel to Songstruck. I know, I know–I said I was going to have a draft finished like…three months ago. But now that I’ve scrapped the old draft I was working on, it’s taking some time to get things back on track. Luckily, though, I’ve always been in the habit of cannibalizing old stories, so there are going to be passages from the old version that still fit into the new version. So that’s a plus, and a little less struggle on my part.

Tomorrow is November 1st, which means it’s officially the start of National Novel Writing Month! One of the few times of year when I make it my mission to pretty much spend every spare moment writing. I mean, I carve out time pretty consistently to write as it is, but every November, that kicks into high gear. Late nights, early mornings, and my journal constantly by my side so that I can write when I take breaks at work, too. It’s a crazy 30 days, but I love it! For anyone else participating this year, good luck!