Adventures in NYC: Part IV- Hamilton

Well…Hamilton was just as spectacular as I remembered!


My friend and I arrived at the theater a little excessively early, because frankly I’m still a little paranoid about resale tickets. I like to be one of the first few people in line because I get it into my head that somehow the person who originally owned my ticket will show up and their ticket will work, and then I’ll be stuck without a ticket. It’s nonsense, I know. But it gives me some peace of mind to be there early. Which is just as well, because my friend is fully embracing the whole “tourist” thing and has been snapping pictures of anything and everything since we got off the plane. She wanted to get some pictures (and some selfies, and some somewhat-unwanted candid pictures of me) of the theater and the silhouettes on the doors outside.

Anyway, the show was amazing and I’m completely sure I’ll do a more comprehensive write-up of it after our trip, but you guys. It. Is. Fantastic. I’m so glad we decided to see it (again, in my case).

We were in the room where it happens, and the energy was absolutely electric. The buzz for the show has gotten way more intense in the eight months or so since I saw it the first time, and you can feel it in the theater. People were excited back in October, but there were plenty of people who didn’t seem to care that much. This time, the entire theater was full of people who were so clearly invested in the show and so thrilled to be in that room. It was amazing.

Aladdin is up next, tomorrow night.



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