Time Flies!

Wow! Sorry for the radio silence. The last few weeks have seriously been kicking my butt.

I was sick for a while with some odd, undiagnosed (because I’m one of those people who never thinks to go to a doctor until I’m already feeling better) illness, first. So that was a terrible few weeks. I was also spending those few weeks frantically studying for a big exam for my grad program. Friendly tip: make sure you know what the date of an important exam is. I’d thought it was March 25.

It was, in fact, March 4.

Anyway, I got that exam out of the way, only to realize that I’ve also been falling behind on my internship hours, which I need to, you know, finish my program. 😛

So all in all, I’ve been having a hectic time lately, and my free time hasn’t been spent writing because, honestly, when I’m this busy, writing stresses me out, too. I’ve worked on a few projects here and there, but not the projects I need to be working on (read as: Stagestruck). I’m finally getting myself back on track, though (except with those pesky internship hours), and that means hammering myself back into some semblance of an actual routine. Time for school stuff, time for work stuff, and time for writing stuff. I’m also trying to kick my habit of starting story on top of story on top of story and neglecting existing works. I’ve got Stagestruck to finish, after all, and I’ve got another project that’s maybe 1/3 finished that I’m rather fond of and would like to finish. And I got a lovely idea for another one that I’ve forced myself to jot down in a quick note on my phone and then leave alone. At least until I get something else off my plate! I know that Camp NaNoWriMo is coming up, and NaNo has always been a good time for me to really focus on getting writing done. I’m always able to make myself sit down and get words on the page when I’ve got that as a motivation to carve out more writing time than usual. Once I get the first draft done, things always go pretty smoothly as far as revisions, edits, etc. I just need to get the words down first!