Reading and Reviewing

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I don’t like writing reviews.

After a see a movie or read a book, I usually want to write a review. And sometimes, if the movie is little-known or the book is by a self-published/indie author, I feel like I really should write a review. But then I sit down to write one…and I don’t. I can’t think of what to say, or the whole endeavor feels awful and heavy, like some kind of terrible chore.

I was going to review two different books today: Prince Lestat by Anne Rice and A Darker Shade of Magic by V. E. Schwab. I’m still going to try to review them…at some point. But for some reason, when I try to review, the words just all go away. I end up left with vague thoughts like, “I liked it,” without being able to put into words what, exactly, I liked. That, or I just really don’t want to put it into words.

Basically, I’m completely worthless at reviewing, most of the time.