Your Arguments Against NaNoWriMo Are Invalid

A great defense of National Novel Writing Month. Honestly, I know a lot of people either can’t wrap their heads around the idea of it or don’t like it, but NaNo is the one time of year where no matter how busy my life is, I make time to write.

Two years ago, I was working on a psychology thesis experiment, a seminar for my second major, and an overload of courses aside from those two things. Plus work. I was the busiest, most stressed-out undergrad senior you have ever seen. But when November came around, I still tackled NaNo. I made time to write–I wrote in classes, I wrote in the middle of the night, and I wrote (thanks to the “note” app on my phone) while I walked to classes. Even though I was busy beyond belief, it was worth it. I came out on the other side of November with a 75k word mostly-finished first draft of my novel.

NaNo might not be your “thing”, and that’s fine. But for the people who enjoy it? Why not just let us be, instead of all of the “Here’s why NaNo is awful” posts every November?


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