Of Rescheduling and Redesigns

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Rescheduling. I have been doing nothing but rescheduling things for the past week and a half. Not for writing things, but rather for my graduate assistantship. Who would’ve guessed that managing a crew of 50-odd people would mean so much rescheduling? We’re only about a week into their duties, and they’re calling in absent left and right.  Not that I mind; it goes along with the job and so far, all of the rescheduling has gone fairly smoothly.

I have also been rescheduling writing-related things. We’re in the final stretch of September, and Stagestruck is…not complete. I mean, the draft is coming along fairly nicely–I’m about two thirds of the way to being finished with the draft, I should think. But it still isn’t done, and the deadline I had set for that was the beginning of August. So I’m running just a bit late. The new deadline is to have it finished by Halloween. My grad assistant job should be calming down significantly now that my workers are actually working–the planning/preparing stage is finally over–and my internship is…well, I’m honestly not completely sure what’s going on with that right now, but there’s not a lot of interning happening with it at the moment. Basically, the moral of the story is that I should finally have some free time opening up, and that is a beautiful, beautiful thing. And I will be desperately trying to get the first draft of Stagestruck finished on Halloween, because I want November freed up so that I can participate in National Novel Writing Month with a fresh story–the third book in the Songstruck series. It would be phenomenal if I could bang out a good chunk of that manuscript before moving on to preliminary editing of Stagestruck. I’d get that warm and fuzzy feeling of accomplishment that only about five people in my life will respond to with anything more than a mildly confused stare.

Now, what’s the bit about redesigns, you ask? (You probably didn’t ask, I know. But nonexistent, hypothetical you totally asked) Well, I’m planning on commissioning a new cover design for Songstruck. It’s not that I don’t like the cover I have now–I absolutely do!–but I think I need a change. Something a little…flashier? More striking? I’m not exactly sure yet.

Still terrible at maintaining this blog, but valiantly attempting to breathe life back into it again,