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Isabel Poole is a wonderful storyteller. So wonderful, in fact, that her audiences tend to believe that the fairytales she tells are true. They aren’t, of course, because magic isn’t real.

That’s what Isabel tells herself, until the day she’s proven wrong.

On what should have been an entirely normal, entirely dull day, a strange melody fills the air and captures Isabel’s attention. Leaving her home behind, she follows the song into the forest and finds its source: fae twins, intent on spiriting her away. They need her—or rather, the spark of magic inside of her—to help them end a war that is tearing their world apart.

A wise person would refuse. A wise person would run home and forget about the fae and their war and their magic. A wise person never would have followed the music into the forest to begin with.

Isabel never claimed to be wise.

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Struggles of a Self-Published Author: Book Promotion

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Book Promotion

That sounds scary, doesn’t it? And it looks scary, all big and bold and such. As a self-published author, let me tell you that the idea of trying to promote my work is terrifying. And honestly, I’ve been kind of terrible at it so far. Sure, I managed to wrangle a few stray reviews here and there, and I had a lovely book promo spotlight right over here–which reminds me, have you all checked out Jeanz Book Read N Review? Her blog is fantastic, and she reviews so many books. I’ve added quite a few of them to my own reading list!

But anyway, actively promoting my work is just not something I’m very good about. And I could make all kinds of excuses for that. School, work, assorted other factors. But I don’t think any of those potential excuses are entirely accurate. The truth of it is that I’m really not that interested in promotion. Sure, it might make my book languish in obscurity like so many thousands of other self-published books, but I’m a writer, not a publicist. I have a hard enough time selling myself, when it comes to things like interviews (seriously, I almost have a panic attack every time I have to interview for anything; the anxiety is terrible!). Trying to sell my work, too is a really daunting task. I’m bad at Twitter, in general; I tend to forget I even have an account. Ditto Facebook–I have a page, but I’m just awful at posting on it. If anything, I prefer to use tumblr, but I don’t have near as many followers over there as I do elsewhere. Any time I think about the steps I ought to be taking to promote myself more effectively, I end up just sort of staring at my laptop like this:

johnnydeppwritingBecause I mean… I already did the bulk of the work, writing the book and going through all the steps to get a professional-quality product on the market, right? But then there’s still more work?!

Maybe this is all an indication that self-publishing was a poor route to take, but I still love the freedom attached to it. The only deadlines or demands I’m tied to are my own (which I’m currently failing miserably at meeting, but that’s a problem for another day). That utter lack of pressure is really what I need at this point in my life, just because there are so many other areas of my life that are far too demanding. Maybe I just need to suck it up and start devoting small chunks of time to social media and all that. I mean, I’m technically online an awful lot–just not on any of my author accounts. I just need to motivate myself to actually do it.

Anyway, what my promotion-related rambling has been leading up to is this: Starting tomorrow (July 4), the ebook version of Songstruck will be free for download on The promotion will last until July 8. So help yourself and get a free book! It would, of course, be absolutely wonderful if you choose to leave some reviews if you find time to give Songstruck a read, too.