Of Coupons and Cool Books

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You know what’s great? Getting random discount coupons. I have been getting discount coupons from Barnes and Noble for years, for no apparent reason. It’s somehow tied to my nook; I think I signed up for something way, way back when I got it (seriously, it’s been a while. I got the first-generation nook shortly after it was released). But I don’t have an active B&N membership or anything. Even stranger, I have changed my email information to a different email address for both my B&N and nook user accounts online, but these discount coupons always come to my old email address–the only one I had back when I registered my nook and all that. But I can’t figure out where those emails come from, so I can’t seem to change where they’re sent. It’s very odd. But at the same time, who cares where they come from or where they’re sent when it means I get fairly regular 15% off coupons? ^_^ I took a break from writing to buy these two beauties:


Leather-bound books are my weakness. Soft leather-bound books, I can’t possibly pass up. And I justified buying both (even though the coupon was only for 1 item) because the Irish Fairy and Folk Tales is technically for writing research purposes. And because I love Irish fairy stories. They’re fascinating. And I justified buying Alice in Wonderland because even though I already have a copy, this copy is so much cooler. I mean look at this!


It’s freakin’ gorgeous. And you can’t see it in these pictures, but the edging of the pages is blue. Bright blue. It is hands-down the most bizarre-looking book I have ever held in my hands (and that is saying something), and I absolutely love it. It’s exactly what a Wonderlandy book ought to be. I can’t get enough of it.

Also, on a slightly different note, I finally organized my closet/library:


Ignore the suitcase and cardboard box–that closet is also home to some random bits and pieces that have nowhere else to go in our house. But my books! I’ve never had them all nicely shelved. Before this, they were stacked in haphazard piles on those shelves, in my bedroom (in various places, including occasionally in dresser drawers), in my study-lounge…basically I was slowly being eaten alive (and often being tripped) by piles of books. What I did not do was alphabetize them or anything. There’s some rhyme and reason to them, but mostly they’re just ordered with all books by the same author together, and all of my Alice in Wonderland-themed books (the Splintered series by A.G. Howard, the Looking Glass Wars series, and Alice in Wonderland in a couple of languages) are the first things on the top shelf, followed by everything by Tamora Pierce, with my psychology/random interests books at the very end of the shelves…things like that.

Sorry; I had to show off my shelves, because that took forever. I gathered all of my books into the general area of that closet and I couldn’t see the floor, and then I was frantically pawing through the stacks looking for specific books…it was an ordeal. But I really wanted to show you all those new books. I’ll have to pick up a few more; they had a pretty big variety.



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