New 5-Star Review Posted!

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A brand-new review of Songstruck has been posted! This one was posted on a site called Fishpond, which I didn’t know was a thing. But it is a thing! And the link to Songstruck’s page there, and the review itself, is here. I will note that there are some slight issues with the listing itself on the site–for example, Songstruck is decidedly not intended for children ages 5-9. But there’s nothing that I can actually do about that. Anyway, back to the review!

While I highly encourage you to take a look at the whole review, here are some of my favorite snippets:

The world presented in this novel is so rich and colourful that it’s next to impossible not to be drawn in – just as Isabel was the first time she heard the mysterious song in the forest.


This is a fresh take on an old classic – strangely gifted outsider ends up being the key to solving some mysterious problem – and through a skilful combination of likeable characters and detailed world-building manages to draw the audience in and keep us reading right to the very end. The story is as real as if it had been told by Isabel herself, aided by her particular gift, and I admit I was a little sad to leave the world of Illusia behind.

I am thrilled to see such a glowing review for Songstruck, and I’m even more thrilled that it didn’t even come from anyone I personally know, so I know there was no sense of obligation to say it was good! 😛

So that’s my news for the day!



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