Of Bibliogenesis and Broken Links

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Bibliogenesis. A fun word that means something very simple: the creation of a book. That could refer to the book’s production (publishing) or the act of stringing the words together on the page in the first place. So all of you who have written a book, published it, or have started the long process of putting words down in a manuscript? You have all taken part in the process of bibliogenesis. Some of us are further along than others, but we’re all doing it. Writing. Working on turning the stories that clang around inside our heads into books.

I’m still working on the sequel to Songstruck, but it’s admittedly slow progress. Part of that is because I know in the back of my mind that I need to do some serious editing to the beginning. I want to go back and do that, but I’m trying not to go back and edit so early on. Usually, I’m editing every page and paragraph multiple times as I write. It makes for some agonizing evenings of editing/writing. This time around, though, what I really want to do is get all the words down first. Then I can go back and change things or overhaul sections. I’ve marked things that might lead to continuity errors later on if I make the changes I think I’ll make, but that’s as much as I’ll do right now. Unfortunately, kicking old habits is hard, so I keep itching to go back. That ultimately leads to slower progress anyway, because it’s very hard to write new material when the thought “I need to go and fix that” keeps cycling through my head. But I’m still trying to stick with my new process.

Also, I’ve noticed that a few links around the site are a little funny. I’ve changed the URLs of destination pages and things like that, I think. That means that there are a few broken links hanging around. I’ll be fixing that today, but if you run into any broken links, please let me know!



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