Songstruck is Published! Available Now!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Before I get too wrapped up in the festivities, I wanted to make an announcement: thanks to the universe aligning beautifully for once, I received my proof copy of Songstruck yesterday and was able to approve it for publication. So now, Songstruck is available for purchase!

Right now, it is only available directly from Createspace. It should be on before end of the year, and somewhere around the end of January or early February, it should be available on Barnes and Noble’s website. An ebook is also forthcoming, but will not be available until after the first of the year.

Here is the link to Songstruck’s product page, and I have also put a 30% discount in effect until at least the first of the year: EU6CQPCT.



2 thoughts on “Songstruck is Published! Available Now!

  1. May I ask why it’s $15? Not to be critical, but for a debut author you should price your book as low as possible. The point of your first book (especially the first in a series) is to get people to buy it by making it cheap so that they’ll want to read the rest of your books. However, if createspace said that the minimum price is $15, there’s really nothing you can do other than see if you accidentally picked an option that made it pricier for no reason (like cream paper or something, I dunno).


    • Charlotte,

      You may indeed ask. First, I absolutely understand where you’re coming from as far as pricing books cheaply. But I don’t quite agree. I firmly believe that people will buy if they see value in the work, and it’s not as though it’s $30; it’s within the accepted price range for paperbacks of its length. 🙂

      But there are much more practical reasons for the pricing, too. Thanks to the use of Createspace’s Expanded Distribution Program, the minimum cost for the book is set above $12–and that’s if I accept absolutely $0.00 in royalties from some of the channels. So I did have to price the book a bit higher than I would have liked because of that. There may be a time in the future when I ditch the Expanded Distribution and lower the overall price of the book. Plus, I don’t anticipate the book actually being sold for that price along all channels; Barnes and Noble and Amazon have a habit of slashing prices.

      For now, though, the higher price is more-or-less a necessary evil. It’s also why I’ve got a discount code in effect–it bumps the price down to about $10.50. Far more agreeable than $15. 😉

      EDIT: I did decide to bite the bullet, as it were, and price it lower. Not much lower, mind (again, that pesky minimum!), but a dollar. With the discount, the title is just under $10. I do hope that’s better, in case you intend to purchase it. 🙂



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