Updates and (lack of) NaNoWriMo Progress

First, a few updates:

1. I have a new short story up on QuarterReads, as found on my writer profile here.

2. I’m currently wrapping up final editing, and a cover is in the making for Songstruck, which I hope to have available by the end of the year.

Now, then. NaNoWriMo. I was so excited to participate this year, and I made it almost 20,000 words in so far. So I’m already behind, but at this point, I might have to bow out entirely. It’s hard to find time to write–it always is. But this year, there are so many projects in the making for me, it’s harder than usual. It looks like NaNo will take a back seat until next year. Instead, I’ll be turning my focus toward my coursework, work, and of course, finishing up the final editing of Songstruck.

So to all of you who are still writing furiously toward the 50,000 words, good luck!



One thought on “Updates and (lack of) NaNoWriMo Progress

  1. Nooo! Don’t give up! Never give up! The point of nano is to push other project aside (unless it’s like work or homework, then you should probably do that). If you don’t have kids, you don’t even need to clean or cook! Just stock up on bread and peanut butter and rent a dog to vacuum all the crumbs.


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