Of Missing Posts and Matrimony

I’ve been neglecting this blog for the last few days! Terrible, I know. Especially considering my habit of forgetting about projects once I start them. There was at least a 40% chance I would forget about this site entirely after the first day I missed writing a new post.

That said, there is a reason for my relative silence. My older sister is getting married! In about a week and a half. And despite my status as bridesmaid rather than maid of honor, I have been put in charge of a LOT of preparations. The excuse for that being that I am in the same state as the wedding, and my older sister and her maid of honor are not. Therefore, for some reason, it makes more sense for me to do everything and bring stuff along with me to the venue. And I’m happy to do it, except when I’m not. 😛 But it’s nearly all finished, now!

This is just a brief post to assure whatever readers I still have that I have not forgotten about this, and I will be posting with more frequency again…after the wedding.



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