Finding Your Narrator

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I’ve written about my struggle with deciding on which type of POV to use before. I still struggle with that. Right now, I’ve made it 33 pages into a new WIP and I still don’t know what’s going on with my narrator. Usually I default to 3rd person limited. I’ve been playing around with 1st person a little lately.

But with this WIP, I’ve tried it 3rd person limited, and something didn’t sit right. Tried it in 1st person, and it was wrong. So, so wrong. The characters in this piece do not want the reader in their heads. And I don’t want to be in their heads. It’s a little scary in there, for one thing, and it also takes away a sort of lingering sense of mystery and not-quite-knowing that the story seems to require.

So what’s left? Well, right now, I’m giving 3rd person omniscient a try. I don’t usually write that, and I think it’s a tricky type of narrator to pull off. Things can get muddled when your narrator knows all there is to know about the story. And then will your narrator be its own character, of a sort? Or will it just tell the story without much…color? Is it going to pass judgments here and there? Drop many hints about what’s to come, or none? Omniscient narrators are hard to find a balance for, and past attempts at it with me have been either 1)boring or 2)involved paying far too much attention the narrator’s voice, to the point where the narrator might as well be the new main character. I chalk that last bit up to the fact that I’m easily distracted.

Basically, I have a lot of writing to do. And I really do hope that this narration style works out, because I am not looking forward to rewriting it again with another new narrator.



One thought on “Finding Your Narrator

  1. I love writing in the 3rd person perspective. I struggle with the first person so much I tend to avoid it. I think the key is writing what your comfortable with and how the story wants to tell itself. Good luck with your writing!


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