Pre-#PitchWars Panic

Currently listening to: Welcome to Wonderland, from Wonderland: Alice’s New Musical Adventure*


SURPRISE! Submissions for Pitch Wars ’14 are open. Five days early.

I…was caught by surprise. I mean, I mentioned that I finished a draft of a new query, right? Well, it’s just that. A draft. And not a very good one, I’ll freely admit. But that’s why I’ve enlisted some help to get it into shape before I submit it to people who will decide whether or not I’ll be participating in Pitch Wars (mentors, for even agreeing to do Pitch Wars, you all are absolutely amazing). So my query is…well, I’m working on it.

Then I see people talking about the subs they’ve already gotten for Pitch Wars.

I freak out. I mean, I’m at work, for one thing, so I shouldn’t be on Twitter to begin with (in my defense, I also never take a lunch break, so I think they can let me take a ten-minute Twitter break), and then pair that with the fact that I am unprepared to submit and even if I were prepared, I wouldn’t feel prepared and I definitely can’t go into a fit of query-editing at work.

Good news, though–even though submissions opened early, they stay open until the 18th. But now I’ve got a nagging feeling that the mentors I’ve chosen will find “the one”–the manuscript they’ll work with–before I even submit.

So I’m in a bit of a rush now. But at the same time, I’ve got to remember to take it slow. Rushing is a surefire way to make sure that my query goes out to the mentors prematurely, and then where will I be? Not picked as anybody’s mentee, that’s where. As much as it might play havoc with my nerves, I’ve got to make sure to take my time.



*how I wish I could find a video that isn’t some kind of cartoon or something. seriously, what is that?


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