1st or 3rd?

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Which perspective to write in?

Personally, I favor 3rd-person. But I also write primarily YA, and there have been more and more 1st-person POV novels in the YA market. So I’ve tried my hand a few times at writing in 1st person, and it just…doesn’t always work out.

Some stories need 1st-person. Others need 3rd-person. And there’s the rare story that needs something else entirely. With a few of my WIPs, I keep vacillating between 1st and 3rd, unable to decide which is more effective for the story. I have, right now, a 50-page WIP in 3rd person…and an alternate 50-page draft in 1st person. I’ve gotten that far in and I still can’t make up my mind. I’ve actually set that draft aside for now, because I was going mad switching between drafts and trying to force myself to make a decision. Just when I think I prefer one of them, something about the other charms me.

My advice to anyone else: don’t do what I do. Don’t make multiple drafts of things in different perspectives. The longer you put off choosing, the harder it is to make a decision. Also, if you’re 50 pages in and it’s still not clear which it should be (one hasn’t become noticeably harder/duller to write)…step away, maybe. 😛

Why, yes. I am writing this post to avoid thinking about that pesky #PitchWars submission I still haven’t submitted. And now I need to quit procrastinating. The query letter calls.



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