A Break from Writing

Currently listening to Rude, by MAGIC!

That’s right, a break from writing. Sometimes I forget that it’s important to sit back and take a break for a while. I mean, you’ll go absolutely mad if you do nothing but write all day, every day. So today, I am determined to take a break*. I’ve tried before, and I fail every time. I get a new idea, of think of a plot point or a chunk of dialogue for one of my works in progress. And I have a lot of WIPs, so odds are, I’ll think of something to write on one of them at some point during any breaks I try to take. And even if I don’t have my laptop or a notebook, I’ve always got my phone on hand, and that lovely “note” function makes it so easy to copy and paste whatever bits and pieces I come up with into the appropriate Word document later. But still, it’s like as soon as I decide to take a break, that’s when thoughts about my WIPs come flooding to the front of my mind and they won’t let go of me until they’re written down.

Honestly, I kind of like that, though. And if something brilliant comes to me today, I’ll definitely try to remember it. But no typing. No jotting down notes. Today, I am absolutely not writing. It might even be better for my work this way. After all, if I can’t remember something I think of today long enough to write it down tomorrow, then odds are it wasn’t all that good or important an idea. But if I do remember something that comes to me today, then it’s stood the test of time and some part of my mind must think it really is something special that ought to be put in whichever WIP it belongs to.

Oh, and I did finally get a rough draft of that pesky #PitchWars query written. Seven days until submissions.




*I make it sound far more intentional and significant than it is. Honestly, I’m at work most of the day today with very little downtime, and after work I have to finish a presentation for one of my courses. So it’s more of a forced break than anything, if I’m being honest.


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